Aaron Braaten, President & CEO

Aaron Braaten


There comes a time in everyone's career when new directions are considered. After spending 15 years in the Capital Machinery business, my wife and I decided to evaluate and consider an entrepreneurial business strategy. We had just relocated from overseas to our home town area of the Quad Cities and began the search for a service based business. After careful consideration we found Health Care and specifically outpatient services.

When creating a new company, the first step is to create a Mission and an Objective. From the beginning our Mission has been: Compassionate & Complete Patient Care. Our Objective has been: Measurable Best-In-Class services that result in an improved quality of life. The next step in our experience was to surround ourselves with the highest quality Health Care providers in every aspect of our service lines.

As President/CEO of Braaten Health, I can say we have followed our Mission and Objective and we certainly have created an outstanding team of professionals. I encourage you to review all areas of our web-site, read up on each professional in our group and by all means send us questions or interests that you may have regarding our services.


Officially I hold a dual degree in Mechanical Engineering and Physics from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and from Western Illinois University respectively. More importantly however is the educational experience that comes from leading, strategically planning and day to day management of Braaten Health. One could say I have an MBA in Health Care management from the school of hard knocks.


When not focused on Braaten Health's operational details, I enjoy boating on the Mississippi River with my wife and two daughters. Additionally, I enjoy attending our daughters' school / athletic events, golfing, snow skiing, professional football and international travel.